If you don’t find the answers to your questions here, please feel free to contact us  at any time if you need more information about the services that we provide. 


What services do you offer?

You can find a detailed description of our services and rates here.  If you don’t see exactly what you need, please feel free to contact us to discuss customized options.

Do you require a formal Service Agreement?

Yes.  A signed Service Agreement must be completed before any service can be provided.  At the time that you create a new online account, you will be prompted to review and accept the service and Veterinary Release Agreement online. By reviewing and signing a service agreement you authorize Nose, Toes & Tails Pet Care, LLC to care for your pet according to the terms outlined in your Client Pet Care Account, and the terms of the Service Agreement.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

Check, cash, or PayPal, and WePay credit/debit payments are accepted. Payment is due in full at least 48 hours before the first scheduled service for new clients requesting vacation care, or short-term periodic visits. Existing clients may choose to be billed on a monthly or on a bi-weekly basis, or provide payment at the time of service.  There will be a $40 service charge for each returned check or incomplete online payment.

What happens if my pet is injured or becomes ill while in your care? 

In an emergency, we will make arrangements for your pet to receive care by the veterinarian listed in your pet care record or by a local Veterinary Hospital (should your primary vet be unavailable). The terms and limits of this care are specified by the Veterinary Release Agreement and by the financial limits that you set in the Service Agreement.



Yes!  At Nose, Toes & Tails Pet Care, LLC we believe that clear and ongoing communication is crucial to the responsible care of your pets.  We will provide you with updates after each visit that include notable events and any other information that you request.  

The client is responsible to immediately notify (via direct and confirmed contact) Nose, Toes & Tails Pet Care, LLC of any and all schedule changes that will shorten or lengthen the service period during scheduled service. 

We also request each that client contact Nose,Toes & Tails when you return home from your travel. That way we know that you’ve arrived home safely, and we can responsibly discontinue care for your pets. 

Can we tip our caregiver?

Absolutely!  And it will be appreciated. Every penny of all tips processed through Nose, Toes & Tails goes directly to the caregiver.  The same is true for all Holiday premium fees.

What is your cancellation policy?

Nose, Toes & Tails Pet Care, LLC requires a minimum 24 hours’ notice for cancellation of any  scheduled service. 0 – 24 hour notice will result in the full charge for the day, 25-72 hour notice hours will result in a 50% service charge. 

When I go on vacation, can you check on my cats every other day or my dogs once per day?

All pets are different; some can be left alone for longer periods of time than others. However, the following minimum requirements are in place for the safety, health and wellbeing of your pet during vacation care:

  • Cats must be visited at least once per day

  • Dogs must be visited at least 3 times per day and crated dogs & puppies, at least once every 5-6 hours during the day

  • Other small animals, at least once per day

  • Horses, at least twice per day

Who will be coming into my home and caring for my pets?

Rest assured, all of our caregivers have undergone a background check and an extensive interview.  Once hired, each caregiver receives new member training and cross-training.  To ensure a great match, you will always have the opportunity to meet your pet’s caregiver. In addition, we are bonded and insured via PetCare Insurance. If you ever have a concern about the care your pet is receiving, please contact Michelle at MKwalktime@gmail.com to discuss.

Can your caregivers administer medications to my pet?

Yes. We administer most medications at no extra cost.  In certain circumstances when more time is needed to provide enhanced care, we will add a $5.00 surcharge to the visit. 

Do you walk my dog with other dogs?

The only time we combine walks for client's pets is when you specifically request a Pup-Play Date (https://nosetoestails.com/services/)

Can I select the time of my pet’s visit?

Yes you can, and we will strive to stay on schedule and provide daily visits at the times that best complement your schedule. However,  to allow for imperfect moments, we will specify your appointment time within a two-hour window of time. For example, if you request a 30-minute walk at 1:00PM we will do our best to arrive at 1:00PM.  However, the accepted scheduled arrival time will be within the range of 12:00N-2:00PM.

Do you charge extra for Holiday visits?

Yes, we do.  Our sitters are dedicated professionals, and as compensation to the sacrificed time with friends and family on these special occasions, we charge a little more ($10.00 per day) for Holiday visits.  Every penny of the this premium fee is passed along to the caregiver.

Do you provide boarding services outside of my home?

No.  We provide in-home pet care, at your home.  

Do you provide overnight pet care?

We currently provide overnight pet care on a limited basis.  Contact us for availability.

How do you ensure that my information and house keys are secure?  

Nose, Toes & Tails Pet Care, LLC uses a secure key management system that codes your key so that if they are ever lost or stolen, there is no direct identifying information attached to your key.  We also use a password protected client account management system to ensure that your privacy and security are protected.